The No 39 Cowbridge Shop

Looking for an individual home?

You are so going to love our shop. Open 7 days a week and filled with gorgeous things too. With not too much of the same thing, we urge our customers to buy what they see, we have so many disappointed customers who go away and think about it..

Stocking everything you could possible want, need, or just have to get! Soap, candles, cushions, blankets, rugs, furniture.. we could go on but we would rather you found out for yourself!


Ok so you have decided to visit, great stuff. Here are some directions, now bear in mind that Sharon is Irish, Maggie is English and Sarah doesn’t know her left from her right. You should however get here eventually - if you leave a fortnight before, or use a satnav, yes do that! Type in CF71 7AE.

Vague directions; OK, Cowbridge, a lush town, in the Vale of Glamorgan, not far from the M4, if you leave at Junction 34, you can go via Pontyclun, stop at a pub for lunch ( the Ivor arms in Brynsadler is lovely)? If you miss that junction because you were talking or perhaps your wife was directing you, you can leave at Junction 35.

Right, we’ll assume your near, you have turned onto the main High St, you will go passed some lovely houses (yes they are as expensive as they look). You will also pass some lovely shops (not as expensive as they look). You need to park. Good news, parking is FREE in town. Parking is available behind the Town Hall, in Waitrose (but not for a long time, only for 2 hours) or the Cattle Market. If your lucky you may get a space on the High St, but I wouldn’t count on it.


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